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As far as fanbois go, I arrived pretty late to the game. I grew up with PC's, went to college with a few PC's, and it wasn't until when I a... more

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Finding a Co-founder

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This topic comes up a TON amongst the startup community but honestly, I don’t think there is a silver bullet answer on how to find great co-founders. I will say this: having been burned by outsourcing design and code to India for previous projects, I knew personally, I did not want to make that mistake again. Also, finances are a real concern with all startups so I wouldn’t pour the last of our savings into bad developers if it meant extending my personal runway for a few more months. Read more…

Random Thoughts to Make Things Better

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I’ve been tweaking things for a long time. It started with Legos – with how my vision differed from theirs in how a set should be built. In high school, I was constantly futzing with my car’s audio system to make things louder – opting for DIY rather than paying someone else to do it. In college, my dorm room was also tweaked to be completely different from others in my hall; and now, I see various home improvement projects everywhere I look.

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New Startup Venture


I’ve decided to start working on a new idea in addition to running EasyAutoSales.com. This decision did not come easy as I am also the primary care giver for my 5-month old daughter. However, my experience has taught me to never ignore my “ah-Ha!” moments and I recently had one about 3 weeks ago.

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